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Sanitization and Disinfection Services Dubai

Sanitisation and Disinfection services appear to be relatively popular terms right now. Our goal is to make people’s lives easier and better. Due to COVID-19 coronavirus, it is very important than ever to take the necessary precautions to keep our homes healthy.

How We Do Sanitisation and Disinfection Cleaning Services?

At Safaeewala Cleaning Services, it is now our responsibility to make sure that you and your home or office receive the best care possible to maintain your health and happiness. we offer professional disinfection services in Dubai that instantly eliminate germs and microorganisms. Our disinfection team has the knowledge and skills to eliminate a wide range of pollutants, including dust and filth, fungi, viruses, bacteria, organic debris, mold, insects, dust bites, and more.

We arrange a visit to the specific location and evaluate the space for the pre-cleaning service after the appointment is requested. Our best cleaners finish the job in a short time, allowing customers to occupy the space safely and quickly. We teach our staff to wash their hands before entering the workspace in an effort to keep the area clean. This is for the protection of both our employees and the clients. 

Our disinfection treatment destroys all viruses and bacteria in a matter of minutes. We are using it on solid or porous surfaces, fabrics, metals, plastic, glass, wood, leather, painted surfaces and stones. During the process we remove offensive odors brought on by the growth of bacteria, fungus, and other microbes. This is based on water but not contain phenol or aldehyde. The sanitization solution is then sprayed onto the surface and allowed to dissolve for 10 to 15 minutes before being naturally absorbed. The last step is to use wipes to dry all moist areas where sanitizer residue was present. 

Along with disinfectant application, we also clean regularly touched surfaces such doorknobs, chairs, tables, switches, counters, light switches, seat backs, handrails, keyboards. Our procedure is unharmful to children and animal and Non-poisonous. Our services cover homes, villas, apartments, offices, and structures, Infant Care & Schools, college and university, Playgrounds, Stores, warehouses, Cafeterias, hotels, restaurants, canteens, Shops, buses, cars and more. 

Safaeewala cleaning services use Dubai municipality approved products for Sanitisation and Disinfection services. Our professional disinfection team will always pay close attention to every detail and cover every crevice and corner of the space. We are quite simple to reach by phone, and if you can spare just a few minutes to complete the online booking form, we’ll get back to you right away.

In addition, we offer flexible cleaning service plans, allowing you to choose from one-time, weekly, biweekly, or monthly options. Our service is reliable. A maid with all the needed tools will arrive at your doorstep on time. You can be confident that your needs will be taken care of.

Frequently Ask Questions

Absolutely! Cleaner services in Dubai understand that every client’s needs are unique. They offer flexible service options that allow you to customize the cleaning tasks based on your requirements. We work with you to create a customized cleaning plan that meets your specific needs and preferences.
Yes, our cleaners in Dubai are known for their reliability and trustworthiness. Reputable cleaning companies like Safaeewala ensure that their employees undergo thorough background checks and are trained to maintain the highest standards of professionalism. Additionally, our cleaning company is licensed and insured, providing you with peace of mind and protection in case of any unforeseen circumstances.
It depends on your lifestyle and preferences. The frequency of hiring a cleaner service in Dubai depends on several factors, including the size of your space, the nature of your activities, and your personal preferences. For residential properties, it is common to have cleaning services dubai on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. However, larger homes or properties with high foot traffic may require more frequent cleaning. Commercial spaces often benefit from daily or nightly cleaning services to maintain a tidy and professional appearance.
Hiring a professional cleaning service in Dubai can offer several benefits. Here are some advantages of engaging a professional cleaning service:
  1. Quality Cleaning: Professional cleaners have the expertise, knowledge, and experience to deliver high-quality cleaning results. They are trained in using appropriate techniques, equipment, and cleaning products to ensure a thorough and efficient cleaning of your space.

  2. Time-Saving: Cleaning can be time-consuming, especially for larger or more demanding spaces. By hiring professionals, you can save valuable time that can be spent on other important tasks or activities. The cleaning team will handle all the cleaning responsibilities, allowing you to focus on your work, family, or personal commitments.

  3. Convenience and Flexibility: Professional cleaning services in Dubai offer flexibility to suit your schedule. You can typically choose the frequency and timing of the cleaning visits based on your needs and preferences. This flexibility allows you to maintain a clean and healthy environment without disrupting your daily routine.

  4. Access to Professional Equipment and Supplies: Professional cleaners are equipped with specialized tools, equipment, and cleaning agents that may not be readily available to the average person. These professional-grade supplies enable them to achieve superior cleaning results and efficiently handle different surfaces, materials, and cleaning challenges.

  5. Customized Cleaning Plans: Cleaning services can be tailored to your specific requirements. Whether you need regular cleaning, deep cleaning, post-construction cleaning, or specific services like carpet or upholstery cleaning, professional cleaners can customize their approach to meet your needs.

  6. Health and Hygiene: A clean and sanitized environment is essential for maintaining good health and hygiene. Professional cleaners have the knowledge and expertise to effectively eliminate dirt, dust, allergens, and harmful microorganisms from your surroundings. This can contribute to a healthier living or working space, reducing the risk of illnesses and allergies.

  7. Peace of Mind: Hiring professionals gives you peace of mind knowing that your cleaning needs are being handled by trained and reliable individuals. Professional cleaning services in Dubai are typically licensed, insured, and follow safety standards, providing you with reassurance and protection.