Window cleaning services in Dubai

Window cleaning services in Dubai is one of the most important parts in cleaning sector. With a vast experience in cleaning window, Safaeewala cleaning services is playing a vital role. Our window cleaner has been fully trained to ensure that you get the best possible results.
We are providing reliable and professional window cleaning service to both residential and commercial clients at a reasonable price.

window cleaning services in dubai

Service Overview

Pre-wash: Usually, the windows on the outside contain more stains and dirt. After washing the windows with the hose, our cleaners start the job with pre-cleaning by spraying cool water all over the glass and frame.

Wiping: Then we Wipe a soft microfiber cloth over the window’s surface. We use a sponge mop (or a soft cotton or microfiber mop on a pole) for upper windows.

Cleaning: We use particular sprayer to completely wash which is safe, eco-friendly and antiseptic.

Drying: After cleaning the dirt from inside and outside windows, we dry them by using a fresh wiper and a rubber blade with a professional glass cleaning technique by working from top to bottom while angling the wiper toward the bottom of the window.

Results: At the end of the service, you will enjoy a clean and transparent and sparkling view through you window.

Service Quality

When you work with a professional window cleaning services in Dubai, you can save time and money. We will bring advanced methods to remove the tough stains from your glass. Moreover, the natural light and colors of the outside may block by unclean windows. A clear and transparent perspective is always enjoyable. Make an appointment today to effectively clean your windows. All sorts of window glass including window frame can be cleaned by our expert cleaners who are experienced in the glass cleaning field. Every client is unique. For both residential and commercial clients, our professionals are skilled in providing a flawless  service.

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