Babysitting Services in Dubai

Parenting is a comprehensive job and you will sometimes need a break knowing that your child is in competent hands. As a busy parent, having a nanny around can be very useful. You won’t always feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day. A babysitting or nanny service in Dubai can ease the tasks involved with taking care of children. At Safaeewala Cleaning Services, we offer a helping hand with the knowledge and abilities necessary for your kid to develop in a kind and observant environment. We can provide babysitting services at your house or hotel any time of day so, you can relax knowing your kids are in safe hands.

babysitting services

Our service of Babysitting Services Include:

    • Taking proper care of your children in your absence. 
    • Preparing baby bottles and taking care of their feed.
    • Changing a baby’s diaper.
    • Bathing infants
    • Overseeing elder children’s baths.
    • Washing and ironing baby clothes
    • Preparing meals for kids
  • Managing the school runs and overseeing homework time.
  • Take the kids out to play while you get other household tasks out of the way so that you can enjoy your free moments relaxing with your children and many more.
  • We constantly make sure that the nanny is fully informed about your child. To start, you should be there with your kid and the babysitter so they can get to know one another. In order to foster a stronger link, you can plan a particular activity for them so that they can build bond with each other.

Safaeewala cleaning services is also providing house cleaning services, Disinfection services, Carpet, Curtains, Mattress and Sofa cleaning services.
If you hire a
babysitting service or a nanny service to take care of your kids, please ensure that she get some needed ‘off-time’ to rest and recharge.